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Most of my project are stemming from reaching out to influencer and dialoging with them to see if they would be on board with getting the word about the organization I’m working with currently. In an attempt to bridge that gap I’ve been tasked with creating an explanation video to go along side with the initial reach out message. Prior to this I had no experience with Motion Graphic but I set myself a time frame to research the usage of Adobe After Effects to be able to accomplish what comes next.

From creating all the elements from scratch, to figuring out the timings, and exporting a mock up, I truly have come appreciate the amount of experience I’ve gained from starting this project. It really dawned on me the amount of time that gets poured into creating a motion graphic. The weeks poured into making something that will be used for new projects that come down the line has made a huge impact on me in ensuring to put the organizations direction at the fore front.

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