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Week Three: 2/15-19

Due by Wed. 2/17 @ 6PM:


WRITE:  In this article, Carroll discusses the term genre at length, and describes how writing with genre in mind shapes what you write and how you write it. This week, I want you to write a post of at least 300 words describing a genre that you interact with a lot – it could be subway advertisements, comic books, YouTube vlogs, anything. The key is to choose something you know well. With that genre in mind, discuss what the conventions of that genre are – think about length, tone, language, medium, humor, etc. What makes your chosen genre the genre it is?

What genre is Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”?

*Note: No class Monday 2/15 because of the holiday weekend.*

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A genre that I interacted with more or that I am in touch with is videogames. Video games serve to interact both physically and virtually; it also distracts you from the things around you. However, they can also be a risk, like taking you to addiction and violence. There are videogames for each type of person and age. Also, there several types of video games like sports, action (boxing or fighting), adventure, even playing instruments. Videogames is also a topic that you can talk about like music and sports that can make you more socialistic.

I think that the mother tongue genre by Amy Tan is the language because it talks about the difficulty of having limited English. And the challenges that had to pass for it.

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