Unit 3

Artist’s statement

Before I began:


     I tend to watch a lot of commentary videos on youtube and I like to be pretty open minded. I remember hearing someone talk about how interesting it would be if we actually managed to colonize Mars. These kinds of videos are always nice to listen to because it’s almost relaxing. I would imagine it’s like the lesser version of a podcast where the rant is isolated to just one topic rather than the speaker going on tangents. I honestly do that instead of podcasts for the sake of time, but I digress. I always had a fascination for space though, and listening to the video I wondered why we haven’t already gotten further in the ways of space travel. There could be any amount of things holding us back from actually making any breakthroughs, I just never went out of my way to figure out what those kinds of things are.


     When we began unit 2 I was already aware of the kind of question that I wanted to ask. If I was going to research something, it had to be about space colonization and whether or not it was actually possible. At least if I didn’t ask that directly it would be something that allowed me to still find the answer to that. For this project I would want to hold people’s interests. I want to give people something to think about when they hear the points that I make. People could agree, disagree, question me, and be shocked with the things that I bring up. That is why the target audience in this case would be your average person/viewer. They could be on Youtube or on social media and see my case being made. And just like me before, they could click on the video and see what it is I have to say. Then they can take that information with them however they want, but I just want it to be interesting and to make people wonder. If it wasn’t clear, I would like to make a commentary video of my own for people to see. I envision it being somewhere around the 5-6 minute mark, maybe even longer depending on any particular rant I would come to. Based on the research that I’ve done, the video would touch bases with ethos, pathos, and logos with almost each of my sources resonating with one of them respectively (interestingly enough). Given my intention I see no better way to cover my topic than in a short commentary video, especially with how familiar I am with them. I would honestly just want to get people to think about the wonder of space and how close we are to it.


Doing the project: N/A


Now that it’s done: N/A

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