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Week 15: LAST WEEK!!


As promised, here is a video explainer for the Final Portfolio and Reflection – your LAST assignment in this course. (Yes, I know I made it last semester, but again just the deadlines are different – the assignment is the same). It is due Tuesday 5/18 @ 5 PM, and must include the following:

  1. (Revised) Unit 1 Assignment
  2. (Revised) Unit 2 Assignment
  3. (Revised) Unit 3 Assignment
  4. Final Reflection

N.B. As it says on the Final Portfolio Assignment page, you must write a brief note introducing each revised essay explaining what you’ve changed. The length of these notes should be in accordance with how significantly you revised: if you only tinkered with grammar/spelling/punctuation (everybody should do more than that), you would only write a sentence or two; if you rewrote the essay from the ground up, a full paragraph is more like it.

You MUST submit these Final Portfolios using the “Portfolio & Reflection” category tag – if you don’t I won’t see them and you won’t get a grade.

I go into lots of detail about the Final Reflection on the assignment page and also in the video I posted above. If you have ANY questions whatsoever, I will be available this Wednesday from 3-4 or by email anytime. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Seeing as it’s finals week next week, I don’t want to crowd you’re already busy week with a Zoom class session in which we say goodbye. I’m not that much of a softie. As such, it’s vital that you reach out to me AS SOON AS you run into any confusion about this final assignment, as the 5/18 deadline is firm and final. 

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you this semester, and best of luck moving forward.

Announcements Weekly Assignments

Week 13: 4/26-30 *UPDATED 4/28*

Welcome to Unit 3, and the last 2.5 weeks of your semesters! This week, you should do the following:


Clip from Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next

“The Art of Trespassing” by Justin Graffa


This week you’ll be pitching your Writing in a New Genre assignments. In order to convince me that you’ve chosen an appropriate and interesting topic, as well as the correct genre (ideally from the 3 you came up with in your Brainstorm) for your audience, you should write at least 200 words explaining what you’ll argue, what sorts of evidence you’ll use to prove those points, and what GENRE you’ll present all of this in and why that genre will best reach your intended AUDIENCE.

Please post this under the “Unit 3” Category by Wednesday before *7 PM*. 

Announcements Weekly Assignments

Week 12: 4/19-23


This week, we will be launching into Unit 3. As such, I’d like to you do the following:

Read (by Wed. 4/21)

The Unit 3 Assignment page

Schools Are Killing Curiosity by Wendy Berliner

Watch (ASAP, if wanted)

Unit 3 Video Explainer 

(I made this last semester, but the assignment remains the same. Skip to 1:25 to start, the first part is about their particular weekly timing.)

Write (By Friday @ 5 PM)

As we move past Unit 2, where you learned the new genre of the annotated bibliography, it’s time now to revisit what we know about genres. As you read in Kerry Dirk’s essay on “Navigating Genres,” genres of text are as diverse as a country song and an analytical essay. All genres have a set of rules/conventions that they adhere to, yes, but perhaps more importantly, all genres have certain strengths and certain weaknesses. For example, a country song would be a questionable genre to analyze the latest jump in the stock market; just as an analytical essay would be an odd (if hilarious) genre for one’s thoughts on a recent heartbreak.

In Unit 3, it will be your task to take the research and topic you used in Unit 2 and write in a new genre. This cannot be a traditional academic essay, and I’m asking you to be a little creative. But most importantly, I’m asking you to be critical in your judgment about what genre you choose. If you are writing about climate change, you could write a press release from the White House. If you are writing about video games/film/music, you could write a longform review.

For this informal writing assignment, I want you to brainstorm 3 possible ideas for this next assignment, and explain why each of them would be more effective given your particular topic than a traditional academic essay, and fun to write. 300 words minimum!

Publish your posts by Friday at 5 PM, using the “Unit 3” category tag.