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Final reflection

The Final Reflection

Firstly having started late wasn’t really a bonus, I was quite worried that I might not be able to catch up or do the work properly which is why my first main assignment “unit 1 – education” kind of stressed me out A little bit because it required for me to reflect on past memories ,events and my views on education and as I mentioned in the essay “My education experience was all over the place”, I moved around a lot and had different experiences and I had to pin it all down to one particular event that made me change my mind about school and link it to now , how it help me become the person I am today , at the beginning I was struggling a little bit as I was mostly just explaining my process rather than to focus on one main event that impacted my education view but after making the first draft and getting peer reviews and feedback from the teacher this help me focus back on the essay purpose and do well.

The first few assignments in my English class really tested my reading and writing skills as I’m normally a very quick reader more like skimming through but in English it requires you to actually read fully to be able understand it properly , annotate and write an essay about it which is also good as a help me to read better between the lines and with structuring and forming  my own writing. Essays like “read as a writer” and “shitty draft” really helped me in this class as I used to just straight write the final product instead of making a rough draft and brainstorming ideas  overthinking the meant to be rough draft which now I find it way more helpful to have a summarized paragraph and then develop them into the final essays. This also will help me with my other subjects in college and all the upcoming assignments I have is mostly all about writing and reading.

For this final reflection I had to revise all my previous assignment and reflect on everything I did for the first main assignment “Unit 1” I wasn’t really attentive to the process but rather more into the topic and writing a good essay and I believe that if I had focused more on one specific event and structured more it would’ve made it better but in unit 2 I was more attentive as it required more research , I also got to choose my own topic,  I actually liked this assignment as I did enjoy doing research and it was something similar to what I was doing in my marketing class, an annotated bibliography it’s something I would definitely re-do. Unit 2 also helped with apa citation which I lost points for before in my fashion class but this time I knew how to do it.

However the unit  that I liked the most was “unit 3” most of the work was already done in unit 2 as it is the same topic and kind of just passing down information putting it to plan while explaining the process , this required to make an artist statement about the process itself which actually helped me make the final product as I could so it’s kind of like the brainstorming ,I loved making the brochure as it involves graphic designing and less written work.

My favorite assignment was definitely the Unit 3 as as I mentioned before “My happiest hour of this whole project was definitely doing the booklet/brochure cover and editing it” this was about making a creative way to basically communicate the information of your genre ,and I really liked it because I feel like it was the easiest process and I got to make a brochure as when you think of English class it’s more of essay after essay and reading based on my experience in London but I guess this is college so it’s different and it includes of helping with different skills as much as showing you new ones .

In conclusion for overall each assignment, discussion and essay I’ve read has contributed one way or another to this class and other classes I’ve had  in a good way as it either has given me some type knowledge on a topic , better my skills specially in writing and reading and given me more practice it also even helped me better my skills on hobbies outside of college like graphic designing and taught my self more about online retailing in the process of making the annotated  bibliography .


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