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Some genres that I feel I know are movies and series as this is something I often watch, I enjoy watching series not only  are they entertaining but it also brings you into this world of reality and fiction where your only focus is the situation which the characters are in.  One thing they often do is build an emotional connection between the audience and characters , I believe that they often use the main character to do this as much as scenes that brings out sympathy or emotional response from the audience. They also use persuading methods by using scenes that create suspension this builds up the audience curiosity and willingness of  wanting to keep watching  and even believe than there’s more than there is by ending of series episode in cliff hanger or using interesting yet not the most interesting scenes in  trailers movies which is what makes people want to watch the movies .

Movies within themselves have different genres from comedy to horror to action etc when I choose what type of movie to watch, I am already engage in it as this what I wanted to watch and it often depends on my mood, the main genre of the movies affect from the languages they use to the techniques and characters to the ages etc.

I believe Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” genre is  an autobiography as this something she herself wrote bout herself and her in depth experience with language and “different Englishes “ she uses as not only does she uses simpler words but also changes her tone to make it more understandable for her mother who speaks “broken English”.

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Unit 1 Final draft

Education is confusing or maybe it isn’t, maybe I just have hard time adapting to it. I could pass the exams, do well in class, be the best student, but does all that benefit me outside of school ?
I mean I can still succeed another way.

There is many other alternatives to education, the question is how far can they really get me , I went from not understanding the benefits of education  to not liking it all to enjoying education and actually benefiting from it.

Having a good teacher and doing a subject I liked changed my whole experience in school because I felt motivated to learn.
My education experience was all over the place but I’m glad to say that at this present day I believe in education and that my experience has helped shape me into the person that I am today and all thanks to my college experience which is what shaped my relationship with education.

Learning new languages, adapting to a new curriculum was not always as easy, which was what caused my confusion with school over the years.
My emotions in middle school were feeling scared of embarrassing myself or frustrated because I was doing something simpler than other kids.
Being someone that doesn’t like asking for help or even asking twice when I didn’t understand made me work harder  but also more difficult as this caused me to learn myself in the context of  when I didn’t  understand  instead of asking and get an answer straightaway I will wait till I get home and find out by myself but when I was studying in Switzerland ,I realize that it’s easier and faster to learn languages when your communicating and letting yourself make mistakes

As I was growing up I started adapting quicker enabling me to fully learn and feel more comfortable even though I was still very shy, specially back in Spain, one of the things teacher would always say that I would never put my hand up despite knowing the answer or needing help as I barely talked but it did not help that I could sit in class all day no teacher would make sure I’m updated with all the work or anything  as I started in the middle of school.

 To be honest when I was young I loved learning but when I moved high schools to the UK I started falling behind ,at first I always kept to myself and tried to adapt but in high school everything was different.

Between lack of motivation and being distracted I limited myself to learning and it did not help that I didn’t like the school at that point I was only looking forward to the fun at lunch time and after school rather than how to get good grades. I left with 3 Gcse which according to my school I wouldn’t be able to “move forward” and that didn’t help at all as it just made me not care rather than motivating me.

My college experience it’s what made me focus back in school, this one particular teacher really helped me ,she made sure me and my friends always completed our work at the best possible ,she would tell us to stay over and review what we done so far to help us even though we wasn’t the best students but she always looked out for us and kept us from getting in trouble and excluded as schools in UK are very strict,as well the course I was doing was art and travel and tourism, getting to go out and travel every now and then was a nice experience which made us enjoy the course more and kept us motivated to pass the class. Before this I was really unmotivated and didn’t see the point in school. The only thing kept in there was because of my parents and friends. The qualification from this school and my high school is what brought me here today as this is what got me into this university/college and opened many opportunities for me which is why I’m not able to do the major of my choice and pursue my career.

In conclusion my college (high school in the US) experience is what benefited me the most ,it taught me that if your good with your teachers and is interested in the course you have higher chances of passing it ,this is also where I had my first work experience which was made by the school and this benefited me outside of education and I am very grateful as this the reason I’m still in school today ,I am also at a more mature age to know what my priorities are and how to move forward.

Discussions Process

Rhetorical Analysis – Mother Tongue

Amy Tan is a writer who understands the English language. According to her, language is something experienced every day and helps to express emotions, visual images and can evoke emotions at any given time.  This implies that language plays an essential role in trade and expressing emotions. In the paper, the author talks about the power of language. Also, the article talks about how people can enrich the language by ensuring that the language grows and how difficult it gets to comprehend the language.

According to the writer, many people get the words wrong and pass that down to the other generations. In so doing, they spoil how the language should be pronounced and communicated among the people. In the paper, Tan points out that her mother used English words, which made them familiar with the language. She used words that made them think critically and made them conscious about grammatical phrases. Some vocabularies were intimate with the language and could be compared with the language gangsters spoke at the time.

The tone in the paper was sincere. It expresses how the author talks about the issue of language in the text. The tone expresses can use language to show intimacy and familiarity with words and how the characters interacted using different languages. Arguably, Amy Tan was born in China but learned English and wrote books. This expresses how dedicated the author was dedicated in terms of learning new vocabulary and learning new words.