Response to “Shitty First Drafts”

After reading the piece “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott, I can’t really say that it has changed my view on the writing process all too much. The process given, granted is still a very good one from what it seems. I’ll say for one, I don’t really bother to try and write more than one draft. More specifically, I write and then proofread. Sometimes I don’t even proofread if I don’t give too much attention to something that I am writing. I do have to say that I kind of fit in with those people that Anne Lamott described as “the uninitiated”. I always thought that professional writers would have a solid process that let them go through the whole “1 draft plus proofreading” like I do. Of course I do think that it’s reasonable to write a draft following proofreading. As to whether or not I use her process in my own writing, not really. At times I might write down ideas to use and cross out the ones I do not like. However, most of the time I will just do that sort of thinking in my head. I generally only think a sentence ahead or two for any random thing that I am writing and paragraph by paragraph for actual planned assignments like an essay.

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