Shitty First Draft-Brandon Estevez

So “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott, this writing I’d have to say that  the thought process of her writing relates to the views I have when I’m writing it’s very similar. The sense of panic of having to write something more or less get something on the paper can sometimes be a struggle.

Just like her you just have force yourself to write wether it connects to what your trying to right or about or doesn’t, all that matters is that you have something to pick off from and go to multiple different directions until your satisfied with the connection that is made.

Something in my process that I view is different is I tend to go back on my other writing weather it helps or not because I feel that there something from a writing that you took time on that can help you write or give you a new way to approach your new piece of writing. Aspects of her process that I would like to add to my own views is take pieces of your drafts and start over and continue from their being able to start a draft a gain based on sentence or word that you really feel connects to the topic of your draft.

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