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Hoodies or No Hoodies?, or, How Do I Decide What to Wear in the Morning?

One of my students told me that it wasn’t a question of whether or not he’d wear a hoodie — it was only which one he’d choose.  Another student told me, “Well, the weather plays a big factor…” How do you decide? Or, are you even awake enough to decide? Hit “comment,” above, and tell us your story.

Don’t worry, we won’t shine the spotlight on you too hard. There’s no wrong answer here.


  1. DylanGM

    Well, For me it all depends on what happened the day before. If I had a bad day the day before I’ll throw on any hoodie that’s morning and walk out, when I where hoodies it’s my way of blocking out the world because you can’t see my face meaning my expressions can’t be seen. When I have my hoodie I’m in a whole other of comfort and just not caring about anything or anyone and what they have to say.
    If I had a good day the day before I usually wouldn’t throw on a hoodie I’ll throw on a jacket or neither. I like to show that I’m having a good day by throwing on a really good outfit or I’ll where something bright. The one thing I always have energy for in the morning is making I look good where I go.

    • Sarah Schmerler

      I’m sort of like you, Dylan. I do react to the previous day when I’m making my decisions — only I do it in a non-normal, overly sentimental way.
      If I went to a dance class, and people reacted well to my being bold, I might be bold the next day. If someone gave me a present or some memento, I would probably put it in my pocket or my purse and take it with me the next morning. It’s hard to describe, but I definitely riff off of “yesterday.”

      P.S. Yes, I made up the word “non-normal.” : )

      • DylanGM

        Your my new favorite teacher!!!

        • Sarah Schmerler

          Oy vey. Now what will I do? I can only go down from here.
          It will be like College Musical, only I will be Sharpay.

  2. jasneily

    It’s not what you decided to wear, it’s what makes look good and comfortable.

    • Sarah Schmerler

      Yes, but… How do you know? I am like Alex in that I am kind of moody, and I do console myself with my clothing choice very often. That sort of means “comfort” to me. It’s very personal and hard to explain in a short amount of space.

  3. Jean-Alexander Lothian

    For me my mood is the big deciding factor in whether or not I wear a hoodie. If I feel as if I will zero energy that day then I would wear a hoodie no doubt. On just about any other day I would just put on a t-shirt and flannel and call it a day.

  4. Aaron Murray

    I agree with the second student. The weather for me decides if I wear a hoodie or not, but I also watch the news to see what’s the forecast going to be today.

  5. Francis Xie

    It is a self-driven decision to wear something thick for cold weather, so for me that pretty much rounds it down for whatever I choose to wear. Does the hoodie look aesthetically awesome? Does it diversify in what hoodie(s) I’ve worn for the past couple weeks? That pretty much describes my criteria for hoodie of the day. Hoodies in the top of the pecking order will take more priority too.

  6. Mike

    On the days I wake up early are most likely the days that I wear a hoodie. If one day it just so happens I wake up late, then my chances of wearing a hoodie are very slim. Only because the weather on the days I wake up late is too hot for me to wear a hoodie.

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