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Francis Xie
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Communication Design

My name is Francis Xie, and I am a current freshman at NYCCT, majoring in Communication Design. As a person with other obligations in the future, my goal at City Tech is to attend for only one term and acquire at least 15 credits. This does not mean that pursuing a greater understanding of Graphic Design isn’t one of my main priorities. I have studied in Brooklyn Technical High School in the past. Although I’ve had some experience with Graphic Design in high school, my interest in the field was rooted around back to when I was a toddler. I had a lot of interest in looking at books with considerable amounts of visuals in it, and it wasn’t long before I tried drawing them too. My parents paid attention to this, and they bought a considerable amount of high-grade art equipment for me to use. Unfortunately, as a toddler I was unfamiliar with the proper way of utilizing the equipment, therefore it was laid out to dry.

Throughout elementary school the arts department help me a lot on developing my art skills. They even had me participate in a couple city art fairs. In middle school however, they didn’t pay too much attention to me, and I was pulled back into focusing on conventional academics. Therefore during high school I had trouble creating my own original work when the time had me to. Because of this I had no choice but to accept my current situation, and work with where I’m currently at. Graphic Design in my opinion was the closest I could get to doing what I want while trying to adapt towards my lack of skill. It was one of the best options for me in my opinion because I have always enjoyed working around with my computer.

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