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Christina Agnissan 




Professor Shahnewaz Rahim


Bio 1101 Section: LC06


Extra credit assignment 


As I entered the building of New York City College of Technology confused, lost, nervous, and excited at the same time, I couldn’t believe I started college, a freshman in college, at that. I was filled with different emotions as I was wandering around the halls looking for my classes, not wanting to be late. Rumors I heard about college while I was in high school was floating through my mind, “In college Christina, you can’t be late, Professors won’t let you in even if you’re 1 minute late!” Running through the halls, bumping into other students. As I got to each class, with different professors I realized there’s nothing different from high school as the professors spoke to the class. Everything was the same as I thought it would be from high school. 

I thought wrong, as soon as each professor pulled out the syllabus with due dates and time I completely lost it. The grading system is so different from high school, I instantly thought to myself “Take me back to high school please everything was so much easier”. The first week of college was what I call “calm”, surprising, and frustrating. I felt very independent and free. I was learning new things such as how professors teach, how students react to different things, and things that are beneficial to me and would help me adapt to this college environment. Frustrating in a way of things being so overwhelming to me. Everything isn’t handled for you or will be done for you, you have to go out there to get things done for yourself, figure out what you want for yourself… It’s nobody’s problem but yours.

The only thing that’s the same in college and from high school is everyone’s goals. Everyone is a classroom, for one thing, to learn. The learning style and procedures may be different but in college, education is taken more seriously. Everyone’s future is set in their minds as they step in a class knowing that’s the only way they can achieve and to get to where they want to be at. After realizing that, I figured that there’s no reason for me to be frustrated, shy, and scared because everyone in the classroom is in the same predicament as me… Whether it’s just the beginning for them, they’re halfway there, or they’ve made it but they still want more learning.

In conclusion, throughout my years in college, I plan to adapt to the college lifestyle very well, attempt to make a great variety of friendships, study and SUCCEED.

Bio 1101 Extra Credit Hw

Merfet Alghuzi 


Bio 1101

My college life experience so far has been really intense. Along with feeling independent and free, I think it’s safe to say that it has been a bit overwhelming. I can definitely understand where people come from when they say college isn’t like highschool. Everyday I learn new things that are beneficial and will help me adapt to this new lifestyle.

Before starting, I heard that first semesters are always frustrating. Personally, I can confirm that this is true. In terms of independence, responsibility is a huge factor. There are alot of things that you must do for yourself and if you don’t, no one else will. In other words, you always have to take the first step in finding what you’re looking for. You have to put yourself out there and be confident about it. One thing I constantly remind myself is that we are all here for the same thing. To learn. I tell myself this when I feel like I’m shying away from asking any questions I have because if I don’t help myself first and foremost, I can’t expect anyone else to help me. 

I felt really lost my first week in City Tech. Being the organized person I am, I honestly felt like a complete mess. I wasn’t certain on how to do some things but I think by this week I’m getting used to them. Additionally, I believe that im learning a lot about myself. For instance, I know my limits and the way I like to study and take notes. 

I realized that everyone here is doing their own thing. Education in college is taken way more serious than in highschool. No one is here to play games or waste time because our futures actually depend on it. Everything we do should be preparing us for whatever comes next. Especially when you are associated with a health major. 

In all, I can tell that these next years of my life will have many challenges but much success as well. With hard work and dedication, I know I can achieve my goals. I’m not expecting it to come with ease, so I hope that I can deal with whatever life throws at me. This experience will for sure be a memorable one and I want to make the best out of it.

Bio 1101

Christina hill

I feel my first week of college was very successful. I was very alert in all my classes and I feel I can get very comfortable around my peers already. I like that I have to figure out things that I don’t know on my own because I feel that I learn better that way. Every day I come to school I come with an open mind so that I gain as much knowledge as I can. However, I am beginning to feel a little bit overwhelmed because I’m not sure how to use certain websites that we have to submit out work on. I like the fact that everyone is in their own world and concerned about themselves and what they have to do.

In my first week I also found out the major I intended on taking is something that I’m going to have to reconsider or I’m going to have to consider transferring schools. I am worried about that because my intentions were to graduate from City Tech and if I have to transfer schools or change my major I am going to have to change a lot of the plans that I had for my future. Although I am having a few minor setbacks I am grateful for it because it has allowed me to think about other career paths that I hadn’t considered before and whatever it may be it might be more suitable for me and I might be able to make more money than I intended.

I’m beginning to see that as these days go on things are getting more complicated and you have to have self motivation so that you stay consistent with your work and attendance. No one is responsible for what you do but you and you have to always advocate for yourself because if you don’t no one will.

In my classes that have similar names to the ones that I took in High School I compare the work content and the way the professors teach to the teachers in high school, by me doing this it helps me put things into perspective. This also helps me to make the best decisions for myself which I’ve also been trying to practice a lot lately because that’s what I’m going to have to do for the rest of my life .

Homework ; extra credit essay.

Talia Fisher


September 4th,2019


        We all had a different perspective about how college life would be. I always thought college was the same in the movies I watched. But I was wrong. College life is so different from highschool life. It’s taking me time to actually get the routine,  but everyday I end up learning something new about college and how to get through it as a freshmen.


        I’ve realized some positive things about attending college. And they are , responsibilities , freedom, and learning. The reason why I said responsibilities because most of us, including me, whose major is nursing , we have a lot of classes. We are given homework from 3 classes in one day , so we have to be responsible enough to hand them all in on time. It’s not even just homework that we have to be responsible about. We have to see if our financial aid is good , paychecks on time, be at class on time and buy textbooks.


       Nonetheless , one can say that freedom and learning new things plays a huge factor in adapting to college life. We are able to do things on our own, take accountability for it. In high school we were all taught with the teacher always standing over us 24/7, even when we don’t even need help. Now I’m able to breathe , and able to make my own decisions. Learning in college , you get a whole different view on things you never knew about. Just like psychology, I was enlightened about many things , different aspects of life and scenarios that I never would’ve imagined.


        I can already imagine , the challenges I will face in due time. And the first challenge I have is to adapt to the college lifestyle. And by conquering this challenge I have to get used to my environment , attempt to make new friends , do not procrastinate, study and overall succeed.  

Bio1101 homework extra credit essay

Tabatha Valentin                                                                                         Sept 3 2019

                 I have not really have many experiences about college life. I noticed how different college life is compared to high school. There is certain things we have more of than before. We have more responsibilities in college. We have more real-life challenges to face. We learn new skills that we did not need before. It is just way different than before.

                In college we have something called freedom. Freedom is not something we really had before. Before (Teachers and Everyone) was basically holding our hands step by step. If we did not do something like an assignment they would make us do it so we can pass. We get more time for assignments. Now it is totally our responsibility and our choice if we want to do it or not. We are on our own now. We are now independent. We can only save ourselves.

             We definitely have more responsibilities and stress in “college life”. We are  responsible for getting everything done in a certain amount of time. We are responsible to make our own choices  and actions that will lead us to our future and goals. We are responsible for everything from here now on. WE have to actually work on assignments and put some effort in it. Which is something we did not really need to do as much in high school. Things are much more serious now.

People actually want to learn and generally are concerned. In high school everything was free and we all took it for granted. College shows us reality of life. We are now in a different phase in life . So for me college life is something new that I am still trying to get use to.