Extra Credit Homework

Christina Agnissan 




Professor Shahnewaz Rahim


Bio 1101 Section: LC06


Extra credit assignment 


As I entered the building of New York City College of Technology confused, lost, nervous, and excited at the same time, I couldn’t believe I started college, a freshman in college, at that. I was filled with different emotions as I was wandering around the halls looking for my classes, not wanting to be late. Rumors I heard about college while I was in high school was floating through my mind, “In college Christina, you can’t be late, Professors won’t let you in even if you’re 1 minute late!” Running through the halls, bumping into other students. As I got to each class, with different professors I realized there’s nothing different from high school as the professors spoke to the class. Everything was the same as I thought it would be from high school. 

I thought wrong, as soon as each professor pulled out the syllabus with due dates and time I completely lost it. The grading system is so different from high school, I instantly thought to myself “Take me back to high school please everything was so much easier”. The first week of college was what I call “calm”, surprising, and frustrating. I felt very independent and free. I was learning new things such as how professors teach, how students react to different things, and things that are beneficial to me and would help me adapt to this college environment. Frustrating in a way of things being so overwhelming to me. Everything isn’t handled for you or will be done for you, you have to go out there to get things done for yourself, figure out what you want for yourself… It’s nobody’s problem but yours.

The only thing that’s the same in college and from high school is everyone’s goals. Everyone is a classroom, for one thing, to learn. The learning style and procedures may be different but in college, education is taken more seriously. Everyone’s future is set in their minds as they step in a class knowing that’s the only way they can achieve and to get to where they want to be at. After realizing that, I figured that there’s no reason for me to be frustrated, shy, and scared because everyone in the classroom is in the same predicament as me… Whether it’s just the beginning for them, they’re halfway there, or they’ve made it but they still want more learning.

In conclusion, throughout my years in college, I plan to adapt to the college lifestyle very well, attempt to make a great variety of friendships, study and SUCCEED.