One thought on “Photosynthesis project”

  1. For the first year student of college this project was pretty exciting. Merfet Alghuzi is a promising student who did all her work meticulously. But in her abstract she jumped into chromatography technique without explaining about the process. Students have to realize that from their writing the readers will get the concept of the topic. She also have to clarify what is the objective of this project. It has to be mentioned clearly what factors are important for the process of photosynthesis. Introduction was pretty clear, but she could have added the function of the pigments that convert the solar energy into chemical energy. Analysis part is the most important part and it has to be written in details. Procedure was written systematically. Further explanations were needed in conclusion. She mentioned the pigments but failed to indicate which pigments were there, such as chlorophyll a, or carotinoids etc. Some of her sentences did not make any sense. Such as… “This indicates that the light plants are exposed to play a major role in carbohydrate synthesis.” It should be written as light plays a major in photosynthesis to make food for the plants. As I mentioned earlier for the first year student she is endeavoring to reach her goal.

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