Bio1101 homework extra credit essay

Tabatha Valentin                                                                                         Sept 3 2019

                 I have not really have many experiences about college life. I noticed how different college life is compared to high school. There is certain things we have more of than before. We have more responsibilities in college. We have more real-life challenges to face. We learn new skills that we did not need before. It is just way different than before.

                In college we have something called freedom. Freedom is not something we really had before. Before (Teachers and Everyone) was basically holding our hands step by step. If we did not do something like an assignment they would make us do it so we can pass. We get more time for assignments. Now it is totally our responsibility and our choice if we want to do it or not. We are on our own now. We are now independent. We can only save ourselves.

             We definitely have more responsibilities and stress in “college life”. We are  responsible for getting everything done in a certain amount of time. We are responsible to make our own choices  and actions that will lead us to our future and goals. We are responsible for everything from here now on. WE have to actually work on assignments and put some effort in it. Which is something we did not really need to do as much in high school. Things are much more serious now.

People actually want to learn and generally are concerned. In high school everything was free and we all took it for granted. College shows us reality of life. We are now in a different phase in life . So for me college life is something new that I am still trying to get use to.

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