Homework ; extra credit essay.

Talia Fisher


September 4th,2019


        We all had a different perspective about how college life would be. I always thought college was the same in the movies I watched. But I was wrong. College life is so different from highschool life. It’s taking me time to actually get the routine,  but everyday I end up learning something new about college and how to get through it as a freshmen.


        I’ve realized some positive things about attending college. And they are , responsibilities , freedom, and learning. The reason why I said responsibilities because most of us, including me, whose major is nursing , we have a lot of classes. We are given homework from 3 classes in one day , so we have to be responsible enough to hand them all in on time. It’s not even just homework that we have to be responsible about. We have to see if our financial aid is good , paychecks on time, be at class on time and buy textbooks.


       Nonetheless , one can say that freedom and learning new things plays a huge factor in adapting to college life. We are able to do things on our own, take accountability for it. In high school we were all taught with the teacher always standing over us 24/7, even when we don’t even need help. Now I’m able to breathe , and able to make my own decisions. Learning in college , you get a whole different view on things you never knew about. Just like psychology, I was enlightened about many things , different aspects of life and scenarios that I never would’ve imagined.


        I can already imagine , the challenges I will face in due time. And the first challenge I have is to adapt to the college lifestyle. And by conquering this challenge I have to get used to my environment , attempt to make new friends , do not procrastinate, study and overall succeed.