Brendan Gonzalez 

Virtual coffeehouse 

March, 27th 

“Doing school”

“Doing life”

Some of the challenges I’m facing right now in “doing school” are just remembering to do my homework’s and doing them on time, sometimes ill just forget to do it. Its very easy to forget now in days because everything is online and its super easy to just forget with your other classes going on and also not being able to see your professors in person makes it harder because if you have a question you gotta email them and that just takes more time than asking them during class hours and getting a direct answer face to face. Some challenges I’m facing in “Doing life” is the simple things like not being able to just go out and hang out with friends and family whenever I want, I’m outside very often since the nice weather came back we cant even have BBQ’s which my family have very often. Another thing is I forget my mask very often which is super annoying ill leave my house and notice I don’t have a mask and I gotta run right back upstairs to put a mask on. Today’s world is very hard for many people but hopefully it’ll get better with time.