Virtual Coffeehouse – Optional

As the new semester started things were normal and off to a great start. Just like a few other people stated this new semester was kind of exciting. It was like a fresh start. However, once everything started to happen it started to happen fast. Things started to become confusing and I found myself getting frustrated. As much as I tried to get adjusted I could never really get fully adjusted. Even though there were negative effects there were positives too. I got to spend more time with my family, improve a new skill, and got to be in the comfort of my home more.

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  1. Brendan G

    I completely agree with you Zachary all this happened extremely quickly without warning and hit us. I found myself also very confused causing me to become fraustrated with all the work all these classes online can become confusing, it’s a lot. You’re right about the positives I also get to spend more time with family and learn a new skill like cooking. Overall this whole process has been a lot for everybody and fraustrating.

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