Patricia Vitebsky

One way that I get creative is by making Tiktoks. These are little videos that you can upload on the app and express your creativity. I try to make relatable videos to gain a following on the app. I also keep up with fashion trends that are popular at the moment. I love to put together outfits and post them on Tiktok.  Another thing that has taken up my time was editing pictures and putting filters on them to make them brighter and more appealing to the eye. Before quarantine I took a lot of  pictures of food, the city, myself, and a bunch of other pretty things. I use an app called VSCO to edit my pictures. I save them and keep them for when I can get a chance to post them. I also go on walks and appreciate the nature around me. I was in Pennsylvania for most of the quarantine, so going on walks is what made me happy. I walked to the river next to my house and took pictures of the sunset. Then I would edit those pictures. This whole experiance changed me and the things that matter to me. I try to be as creative as I can in order to keep my mind entertained.


  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for your post! I love TikTok, but I am too shy to make and post a video. I really enjoy the humor, pets, and dance videos. I’m glad you got the chance to experience the outdoors while in PA.

  2. StephH

    Hey Patricia,
    I’m glad this pandemic hasn’t brought you down, and that you seeking more creative ways to keep yourself entertained.
    Stay safe,

  3. Erica Kremer

    Hi Patricia,
    Its nice to see that your source of entertainment comes from Tik Tok also. I spend a little too much time on the app. It’s nice that you went to PA during this pandemic it sounds like its a good getaway and that you got to spend more time out doors and be isolated from the city. I can relate to the part when you stated that the pandemic made you think about what really mattered and opened your eyes more . It personally made me appreciate the little things in life more such as spending time with friends outside or even train rides to school which before I dreaded.

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