Erica Kremer

ENG 1121

Research Prospectus


The short story I have chosen is “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” by Tony Parsons and I chosen this story because there was some humor added into it along with modern day situations. For example the story included famous people in todays culture such as Prince Harry and Meghan. In the story it starts off in the airport and the main character which is Jazz who works in airports security and she witnesses many people come in into the country with fake passports or try to smuggle drugs. In the story she encounters a women named Megan who claimed she is visiting the UK just to visit for tourist attractions when Jazz knew that wasn’t the reason she as visiting. Soon to realize that Megan is visiting to get married and not touring the UK. The main characters in the story are Jazz, Ken, Meghan, and Norm. Jazz is a mindful and determined worker who makes sure she gets her job done and tries to get the truth and answer out of every situation. While Jazz’z co worker Ken seems to be more of a co dependent person because he usually relies on Jazz’s decision and follows more of her instructions. Jazz seems to fall into more of a Virtue ethnic because she believes she has role and motive and that is to get her job done well and make sure she gets all the right answers for example she figured out the real reason why Meghan traveled to the UK.