1 The short story that I chose was “New York day women”.I liked it because it shows how the speaker’s mother adapted to a new environment.It shows how foreigners maintain their cultural ideas but still adapt to new ideas and attitudes.

2 The short story was about a Haitian American girl and her mother taking different approches to different parts of American culture but in the end they have a understanding.

3 The daughter lives in Brooklyn follows her mother around and still keeps some aspects of Haitian culture.For example she gives up her seat to a elderly woman or pregnant woman because her mother expects her to do this.

The mother is a Haitian woman who lives in Brooklyn with her daughter  and wants to get a better life and adapt to America


4The daughter (Ethics) The daughter has proggressive attitudes because she is open to change while her mother is being open to change step by step.In the end they have different attitudes but they still adapt.