Hi, my name is Michael and I’m a new student at City Tech. I graduated from LaGuardia Community College earlier this year with an Associate in Arts and transferred to City Tech where I’m majoring in Hospitality Management. What fascinated me about the Hospitality Management major was the culinary path that I’ll be able to follow and the chance to work with others pursuing the same and different majors. I’m also looking forward to how far I’ll be improving my decision-making skills and performance when multitasking. During my time here at City Tech and in the long run, good teamwork, decision making, and multitasking are a few goals I will be working towards.

I don’t have much to say when it comes to practical experience in the hospitality field. Even so, much of my interest comes from the restaurants that have wowed me with their delicious food.  Creating the same quality meals for myself and those around me is something I’m invested in. My biggest strength that will help me, in the long run, is communication. Talking with others has become slightly less terrifying and considering how easygoing many of my classmates and professors are, asking the right questions and getting helpful answers is something that’ll further improve my current skills and those I lack.