Dear student,

My name is Johar Martinez and lucky you, you’ve had the pleasure of having this class. I’m writing this in the hopes my sentiments may or may not get passed to you. This class has been quite the ride. It seemed like the typical write what they want and leave having learned nothing but turns out I was wrong. Having partners to join this ride along are was very helpful. Not to mention the many different exercises you’ll do. Each and every one which helps by the way. Mostly helpful for writing short stories and poems.

Those two in particular were my favorite. Short stories are a blast to write. The biggest problem I had was putting them into words. having a whole idea in your head and being unable to bring it to life utterly sucks. That’s where the exercises come in, Having multiple task to do during class was really helpful and by the end of class I knew what I wanted to get done and how. Poems on the other hand. I may or may not have overslept for those classes. But that’s not the point! The point is the cohort system was a great addition to this class which paired with the right people can make your work excellent and save you many times. Their advice helped me visualize what I wanted in the first place.

As much as I can praise Professor Penner I utterly hated distance learning. It’s basically the same old professors who can’t teach, but worse. From professors who sit there and read off power points this class was the only one that manages to be engaging and helpful asides from my others who never had anything interesting to say or any way to include us. This class however managed to keep my attention, and to that I say kudos and after the first lesson or two give it a shot and try to pay attention, you may end up enjoying the conversations you hear and want to be included in them also. It worked out for me of all people. I’m sure it can do the same for you!