Dialogue 1

Nuha had a conflict with her friends, and she pretending as nothing has happened. However, Nuha didn’t like that and told her best friend Maram about it.

Nuha: yeah, I was like, is she dumb to ask that.
I told my sister, and she was kind of shocked.
Maram: that is a fact; she should
have known why you left.
Nuha: yup, I’m not answering
questions that are
already there.
Maram: yup
Nuha: I hate the fact she is pretend
nothing has happened or said.
Maram: no, she doesnt know what she said
she couldn’t feel it.

Dialogue 2

Sometimes painful memories always find a way to playback in our heads. Nuha has a hard time forgetting not forgiving.

Maram: love, just forget it,
there is nothing you could
it is in the past.”
Nuha: I try, but you know
when something happened
and memory comes,
it just hurtful
Maram:’ just try to.

Dialogue 3

It’s the finals week; Nuha and Maram lived in the same states until Maram left for Ohio. But it’s didn’t change the relationship they had with each other. Nuha was hesitant to text Maram because she knows her best friend always stress and over-study. Maram didn’t want to bother Nuha with her studies; however, they still want to make sure they were alright!

Nuha: I feel you, sis
Maram: yup anyway, I gotta go finish studying
I just wanted to check on you.
Nuha: ok, love
Maram: fighting, almost there.
Nuha:’ I swear I was hesitating if
I should text you because you’re busy
I know, but you did.
Yup, fighting.”
Maram: I know. Do not worry.
Nuha: I have to help meryam
hold her son so that she could study
because she has two finals tomw
Love you goodnight.”

Dialogue 4

Are you ok

Nuha sometimes goes through a phase of depression or anxiety. She doesn’t show emotions, but Maram understands and feels Nuha even they are far away from each other.

Maram: you sure seem
A weird little today
Nuha: how?
Maram: you are not texting as yourself
Nuha: lol
Maram: I do not know,
It feels weird
Nuha: what you mean?
Maram: your tone is different
Nuha: bruh, im just tried
Maram: ok, maybe go to sleep thank
Nuha: thank you, babe
Maram: bye-bye.
Nuha: I have to wake up
early tomorrow and study
Because I have a bio quiz!
Nuha: Anyway byeeee.