Reading Day: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 (No classes meet on this day. This is a day to prepare for final exams and projects—including the project for this class!)

Thursday, May 20, 2021


  • Be sure to read the Announcement for Week 16 before we meet on Thursday.
  • Bring your Final Reflection for a partner to review. You don’t have to post it anywhere–just be sure you have a document that you can promptly email to your assigned partner.
  • If you do not attend this class or if you do not have a Final Reflection when class meets, you lose the chance to get your Final Reflection reviewed; however, you can download the ENG1141 Final Reflection Peer Review in the Course Profile under Handouts and have a friend or family member review it.


  • Homework: Journal Assignment 9: Reflect on your experience with dialogue writing—good, bad, so-so, and why. Title it Full Name, Journal #9, and save it under Journals.
  • Continue working on your Final Reflection.
  • Choose one memoir, one short story, one poem, one dialogue, and two journal entries to be in the chapbook. Revise each piece based on my comments and those of your peers.

Future deadline:

The Final Portfolio (Chapbook) is due Monday, May 24!