Dialogue 1


Nuha: yeah, I was like is she dumb to ask that. 

I told my sister, and she was kind of shocked.

Maram: that is a fact she should 

have known why you left.

Nuha: yup, I’m not answering 

questions that are

 already there.

Maram: yup

Nuha: I hate the fact she is pretend

 nothing has happened or said.

Maram: no, she doesnt know what she said

 she couldn’t feel it.

 Dialogue 2


Maram: love just forget it, 

there is nothing you could 

it is in the past.’’

Nuha: I try, but you know 

when something happened 

and memory comes,

 it just hurtful

Maram: ’ just try to.

Dialogue 3


Nuha:  I feel you sis

Maram: yup anyway I gotta go finish studying

 I just wanted to check on you.

Nuha: ok, love

Maram: fighting, almost there.

Nuha: ’I swear I was hesitating if 

I should text you because you’re busy

 I know, but you did. 

Yup, fighting.’’

Maram: I know do not worry.

Nuha: I have to help meryam 

hold her son so that she could study

because she has 2 finals tomw

Love you goodnight.’’

Dialogue 4

Are you ok

Maram: you sure seem 

A little weird today 

Nuha: how? 

Maram: you are not texting as yourself

Nuha: lol

Maram: I do not know, 

It feel s weird

Nuha: what you mean? 

Maram: your tone is different 

Nuha: bruh, im just tried 

Maram: ok maybe go to sleep thank

Nuha: thank you, babe

Maram: bye-bye. 

Nuha: I have to wake up

early tomorrow  and study

Because I have a bio quiz!

Nuha: Anyway byeeee.