“Serafina, why did you leave without telling me,” Alexander said.
“because I was numb of everything, can’t you see that I’m losing myself to please you and others. I’m tired. Satisfying everyone I want to love me is a crime to love myself and feel good about myself,” Serafina said.

It’s been six years since I left for New York and moved to Italy. I guess my breaking point was when nobody cares about me as I do for them. My parents are the closest to me, yet they are a far way for me. When I realize that Privacy and silence are more important than anything, I begin to appreciate living alone.

Alexander was my friend and neighbor, I guess; he never said anything, yet when I told everyone I’m leaving, he came to my house furious about going. Since I’ve cut Connection with everyone I know except my parents, who understood me and respected my Privacy, and even my friends, they understood my perspectives. I think there are moments in life we don’t need action but a voice to move in our lives, and for me, my voice was my movement. For six years, I lived, laughed, and enjoyed living and finding things without Satisfying other people, just me. Now it times its face reality.
Serafina is finally traveling to New York, her first home but now as a guest. Serafina grew up in a household where her mother Sandra gave up her dream job to raise her kids, Serafina and Charles. James Serafina’s father worked for his company and was always busy seeing his kid’s achievements in life. Still, when Serafina left without saying goodbye to her father, James felt broken at first but understood why she left.

Serafina: “I can’t believe I’m arriving in few hours to New York City. Last I was here, I left some people hurt by my actions, but I have to understand people and can’t. Alexander, I hope things went well between us.”

After Serafina arrived in New York City, she took a cab to her parent’s house in downtown Brooklyn. Serafina’s mother was beyond excited and ready to see her daughter finally.
Sandra: “Oh sweetie, welcome home; I missed so much.” Sandra hugged her daughter tightly.
Serafina: “me to mom, I missed more” she hugged her more and let deep sight she was holding.
Serafina: “mom, where are Charles and dad?”
Sandra: “oh sweetie, you already know your father is always busy with work and Charles with his friends. He doesn’t know you’re coming home.” “oh, ok, well, I hope I can surprise both of them.” Serafina said.
After Serafina met her father and brother and went out with her old friends to catch up on life, they seem to understand Serafina leaving and are happy with their life. A month has gone by, and Serafina started getting used to living in NYC. Yet, she has been worrying about meeting Alexander. She was ready to see him but was he prepared to see her again?
Laila is Serafina’s best friend since high school.
“Laila, I want to stay, but I couldn’t! I live in Italy and have a job I can’t stay in New York.” Serafina said, “whatever you want, you can stay or leave,” Laila said. After Serafina Break in New York with her parents and friends, it was time for her to leave go back to home Italy.
“Mom, please don’t cry; you know it’s hard for me and everyone here,” Serafina said.
“Serafina promises me you will visits and not forget about me, your father, and Charles,” Sandra said. “I promise, mother,” Serafina said.
After Serafina Arrived in Italy and went home thinking about everyone she talked to and met up, for once Serafina felt happy. “hello mom, I have arrived in it Italy. I’m at home. I will talk to you tomorrow,” Serafina said
”I can’t believe six months have gone by since I was in New York, Laila,” Serafina said. ” Serafina, you should come on Christmas break, only two weeks left,” Laila said. I wish Laila, but I have so many something I have to do here, you should come and visit me,” Serafina said. I want to, but it isn’t late now to come,” Laila said. ” Laila, you should come to Italy and don’t worry, I will take care of everything,” Serafina said. ” ok, I will see”, Laila said. One week later.
Serafina: ” I can’t believe you are here.”
Laila: ”Same, I still don’t know how I ended up with her.”
Serafina: ”I know, but now it’s time to celebrate together.”
Laila and Serafina celebrate Christmas together had fun with each other as they used to in high school. After three weeks, it was time for Laila to leave Serafina and go back to New york. Laila: ”I will miss you so much Serafina.” Serafina: I will miss ypu more Laila. Serafina dropped Laila at the airport. Serafina then went to a cafe in Milano to change the depressing mood. After getting her latte and was leaving the cafe, Serafina bumped into someone. Serafina: ”oh scusa.”
Anonymous: ” sorry.”
Serafina looks at the person who she bumped into and, it was Alexander.
Serafin: ” Alexander”
Alexander: ” Serafina”
The end.