Title: Poem for X

You never showed interest

why did you pick me?

the hidden figure

the shadow behind everyone

What made you pick me?

a person so tall

a light that

I wished I could of been behind

Who did this to you?

your two face

the shade you casted upon me

your twisted ways

Why did it happen to be me?

I’ll never forget the words you said

its not u but


Title: Spring

The drops of water slapping my lens

the color of the conrete

the transition from light to dark

you always start your day grumpy

I like it when your done pouring

your complaints

Let me witness the real you

the bright star you are

Show us that it’s all a illusion

from what you truly are

Show us your golden figure

title: doors of opportunity

It doesn’t have a lock.

Nothing is blocking you

Yet you stand in the same space.

dreams of what could be

it shows you the potential,

Yet you stand in the same space.

Your vision shrouded

open your eyes

It doesn’t have a lock.

This white place

the dark thin wood door

it doesnt have a lock,

Yet you stand in the same space.

Title: My peace

I can see myself wearing the red vest
I got the promotion
I see myself in my new room
I bought the house I was looking at.
It feels a bit empty
I can hear my own thoughts
so this is what peace feels like.
I can myself smiling while laying down in my new red vest.
My degree hanging over my bed
I can see myself staring at the ceiling
being happy and living in my moment of peace.