Tuesday, April 27, 2021


  • Be sure to read the Announcement page by class time on Tuesday!
  • Post your poems under Poetry for your Cohort to review. Title it Full Name, Poems. Please put all four in one post, to make sure your Cohort sees all your work!
  • Review and respond to your Cohort’s work. The worksheet to guide your response can be found in the Course Profile.
  • Homework: Post your second short story under Short Stories. Title it Full Name, Short Story 2 (Revised).
  • Read “Lincoln Monologue, Topdog/Underdog” from Suzan-Lori Parks’ play, Topdog/Underdog. The monologue can be found under Course Profile. Watch the same monologue on YouTube. Be prepared to discuss both reading and watching the monologue on Thursday!

Thursday, April 29, 2021


  • I’ll lead a discussion about dialogue in drama (and other genres).
  • During class, we’ll read scenes from Suzan-Lori Parks’ play, Topdog/Underdog. The scenes are on the Course Profile. I encourage you to read (or at least skim) the scenes before class!


  • Homework: Revise your poems and post them under Poetry by 11:59 PM on 5/4/21.
  • Journal Assignment 7: Reflect on your experience with poetry writing—good, bad, so-so, and why. Title the post Full Name, Journal #7.