“Everyone welcome the new teams for this year’s Zants games.”

“Team 1 Cyber, Team 2 Brood and Team 3 Grime.”

Okay I can do this we made it this far. The Zants games are held every year. We practiced for the last 2 years for this. We practiced all the strategies for being a shooter in the Zants games. I will bring my team to the finals. One step at a time we can show the world what we got. We didn’t waste our time.

“Commander Ken thanks for the opportunity to play in the Zants games. I’ll make sure to bring home a trophy.”

“Enzio, this competition is for you and everyone on the teams to grow and learn. Show me what you got. Go out there and bring us back a trophy.”

Every year we moved up we got a new commander to lead us. The last 2 commanders had to many problems and couldn’t help the teams produce the results the legion wanted. They expected us to make something from nothing. We needed a step in the right direction. A coach. Commander Ken was known for his amazing achievements. He brought home gold in almost every competition. What could go wrong?

This was team Cyber second year in Zants. I got their shooter to teach me as much as he could. I didn’t want to underperform and go in blind. Commander Ken gave all the teams all the data on previous Zant competitions. It was terabytes worth of videos and strategy folders. Randomly named by name and numbers that I couldn’t comprehend.

I’m belong to team brood. A group of friends that seemed to fit what commander Ken thought could fill in for his missing teams. Team Grime was made the same way. New players that showed some talent.

I didn’t like team grime from the beginning. They always leeched off everyone to keep up or get ahead. Team Cyber knew what they were doing but some of them just didn’t want to help us. We played for the same legion, but everyone wanted to shine.

The stages of the competition was running the same common strategies against new teams until we made it to playoffs where we would have to up our game.

The quarterfinals took us all by surprise. Everything we practiced wasn’t getting us anywhere. Running through an endless search for help through the commanders notes didn’t get us anywhere.

Commander Ken brought in a new team of coaches to help us during the play-offs. They were previous team members that wanted to help. It wasn’t the help we expected. It was more like cheating. They broke obvious rules of communication from external sources. They coached while we played and discussed information we didn’t know while playing our matches.

Commander Ken felt like the light at the end of the tunnel when I started my new year. I put all my hopes and dreams on his shoulders. He showed us his true colors at the very end. A fake leader. A figurehead.