The first time Ezra saw Jenny it was like love at first sight. Her hair was black and her double hair buns were a dark teal. She wore a gold yellow qipao. She was taller than the average girl.  Ender who was in the same intercom channel as Ezra realized that they both had the same feeling. They needed to meet Jenny.

Ezra shot back from his seat and jumped toward his webcam. “Dibs, it’s only fair that I get a chance!” said Ezra. Ender knew what that meant. Ezra could not talk to people like normal people could. He kept to himself because he could not hold a conversation with people. Ender and Ezra have been friends since Bethanie lane high school. Which was in Warslow county. Ezra lived in Arlington. Ender lived in Taipan.

Ender gave up the chance of talking to Jenny if they ever meet. Ezra did not think he could talk to Jenny. Ezra could not talk to people normally. He was quiet and shy. He didn’t bother talking to people he didn’t already know.

The group’s friends wanted to see each other after the long semester they had. They decided to try a puzzle room. Ender planned a way for Jenny and Ezra to be together for the whole time. The whole group of 8 made it to the puzzle room. Ezra is trying his best to avoid Jenny as much as possible. Ender tried to stick Jenny as close as possible by getting others in the group to help him. Greeting and whispering to others that their mission today is to get Ezra and Jenny to get to know each other.

The puzzle room host enters after setting up the room. The host announces that the puzzle room has 3 parts and the group will be split up in two to work our ways into the last part. Ender moved everyone who he thought was best to be with us so Ezra would only have Jenny to work with. Ezra had no choice but to work through it. Ezra was nervous and his hands couldn’t stop shaking. Panicking at the thought of being forced into something he didn’t want.

Ezra spent the whole-time speedrunning the escape room. He wanted to escape this hell he created for himself. He finished the escape room in record time. It wasn’t an accomplishment but it meant freedom.