Prof. Jessica Penner | OL02 | Spring 2021

Nelson Tavarez, Jones Critique

First I wanted to know did you approve the things you were wearing for your first day of school. Furthermore, I liked how the author described the way her mom was acting at school. I could feel the tone she was using during the whole time she was trying to register her for school. Her whole description or comments made by her mother felt real, and I could easily imagine it. How would you describe how the school you went to felt compared to the school your mother wanted you to go?


  1. Jeffrey

    I could also feel the tone of the situation with the mother; it was very clearly serious from a child’s point of view, accurate considering that it *was* from a child’s point of view. When you’re a child, there’s a strange feeling you get when people get serious. You don’t always know why they’re serious, but you know.

  2. Moose

    I agree with you because her mother was serious about her getting an education to receive a great future through the education system. The authors tone helps the audience realize how they can connect to what she experienced as a kid.

  3. Jason Jordan

    I agree with you about the mother, you can feel how much her daughter education meant to her that after they got rejected to the first school they walk to the other school.

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