My experience with writing a short story was so-so, at first when we were told to write a short story I was stuck on what to write about that would be enough to write about like usual. I rewrote my short story about 4-5 times and changed the topic each time because I couldn’t elaborate enough. I felt like I knew what I wanted to write about but I was unsure how to make a story out of my imagination or even based on real life. Then i revisited one of the topics I originally planned to write on and changed up the plot I chose at first. I found a quiet space to focus and then my thoughts began to flow. I even ended up feeling like my story was becoming too long I tried to get right to the point in the end and cutting it short even though I felt like I had more to write about. Then when I got my critiques I realized that a lot of my classmates and even my professor felt like there were a lot of questions and concerns left unanswered which I was able to fix in my final draft. I realized I shouldn’t made the length of my story bother me as long as I thoroughly explained everything that happens in the story. I can most definitely getting feedback from my classmates and my professor helped me make my experience with writing a short story much better.