There is very little to honestly comment about regarding the experience of writing dialogue. The main reason being that writing dialogue in short stories was something I have already been doing, even before this class. Asking me to reflect upon writing dialogue would be like asking me to reflect on my most recent daily walk to school: “I’ve done it so many times, and this wasn’t any different than all the other times, so I guess it felt okay?”

The only thing I can even think about to comment on was the specific assignment that asked to convert a text conversation to a script, with stage directions. I had two problems with it, one likely unforeseen and the other probably intentional. The first being that I don’t have conversations on my phone. The majority of text messages on my phone are academic related. The only written conversations I really have are through direct messages on my computer, but they were all unusable for one reason or another. I ended up digging up an old conversation from a group chat from multiple months ago, and having to deform it to make it passably comprehensible. 

The second issue, and likely deliberately caused by the assignment, was that text messages are not the same as dialogue. Typing messages and talking create very different styles in speech, so trying to copy the former into the latter creates really strange dialogue. I will admit it was a bit of a fun game trying to turn this nonsensical mess of slang and text into something you can realistically expect people to say in the real world.