Poem 1

Walking in the dark
Raining all

Home is still far
Walking fast

Still far away
To be there

Home is
Where I
Want to be
Right now

Poem 2

Playing games is something I love

Since I was child

Using my father’s phone

In his absence

Fearing he might see me

But didn’t stopped playing

Games games

Was always in my head

And still is.

Poem 3

It’s been a while

Last time I saw her
When I was in her town

Days past

But time is going slow

When I was with her

I felt alive

Didn’t have that much


So I had to

Leave her town

Poem 4

First times are always different

First times in school was also different

Having my new bag

Having my new dress

Having my new books

Ugh! Why it’s not the same now

That time is now gone

Now it’s not all that fun

Wish we could go back in time