Daylight/Midnight (Poem 1)

Wake up, check the phone, daylight,

Have some coffee, put on the television it’s alright,

Videos on the internet, entertainment galore, many in sight, 

I look out my window, its already midnight.

Scavenge for food, making something quick, midnight,

Play some games, passing the time, stories are delight,

Cats demanding for a late meal, none of them ever bite,

I rest after a while, then it’s already daylight.

The cycle continues, although it does excite,

The days grow the same, while I don’t put up a fight

The bed feels warm, welcoming, no sign of any fright, 

Back to the grind of day and night.

Seasons (Poem 2)

Winter is warm under thick blankets and a heater,

While outside is as cold as the artic glaciers,

Sheets of snow cover the streets like sugar dumped from the sky, 

Surely the most wonderful time of the year.

Spring warms up with rain and light jackets,

The scent of the air improves with blooming flowers,

Break from school changes young people’s lives, 

March Winds and April Showers.

Summer is the peak of the year for many all around,

Schools over, vacations planned, and beaches filled,

Ice cream trucks drive down streets, kids playing outside, air conditioners blasted,

Truly a great season to relax and relax the mind. 

Fall begins, leaves drop on the ground like flies,

Climate begins to drop slowly with the deceased sunset,

Dusting off the jackets for the brisk mornings and evenings,

The cycle begins again.

Blink (Poem 3)

One, Two, Blink,

I graduate Middle School,

Three, Four, Blink,

I graduate High School.

One, Two, Blink 

I begin my teenage years,

Three, Four, Blink,

I’m currently a young adult.

Getting older speeds up time,

Surroundings feel simplified,

One more blink, life will speed quicker,

Where did the time go?

Tracks (Poem 4)

Shepard Avenue, Broadway Junction,

The tracks are dirty and flooded,

Jay Street, Bergen Street,

The tracks are packed with rats.

42nd Street, Port Authority, Grand Central, Bryant Park,

Tracks are clean and polished, 

Woodhaven Boulevard, Jamaica Center, 

The tracks are darker than a void.

Norwood Avenue, Essex Street, 

Tracks are steep yet, have no floor,

Traveling gives perspectives on station priorities,

Safe to say, I’ve been everywhere.

Unknown Step (Poem 5 In class)

Step one, walk to the gym,

Step two, walk home after a train ride,

Step three, walk to the campus,

Step four, walk to the cinema,

Step five, break the cycle,

Step six, try something new,

Step seven, finding the right labor,

Step eight, grow your circle,

Step nine, find the right living space,

Step ten, find the unknown path.