One after another STOP 

People always saying you should STOP

Why do I always have to STOP

Make decisions on the fly STOP

Causing me to walk bad paths when I need to STOP 

What can I do but just STOP

The world isn’t yours to rule so STOP

It doesn’t matter what you do STOP

Always with you its STOP

Can everyone just STOP

Thoughts overwhelming me please STOP

Where’s my help its always only STOP

Giving me bad advice STOP

I just need to GO

‘’Things are Changing’’ based on Climate Crisis

The seasons-

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Winter. With its bitter coldness

Spring. With its blissful warmness

Summer. WIth its stifling hotness

Fall. With its crisp warmth

When one starts to act the other

Is it really different seasons? 

When Winter acts like Summer are they different?

When Fall takes Summers’ personality for its own does that mean they are the same?

Will Spring be like Winter for much longer? 

So many questions when we step outside on a given month

Will this sudden change, Change?

Oh how can it be much worse when Winter acts like Summer or vice versa?

Like children to a mother, that being nature

Mimicking is often what happens with children to their parents

But to one siblings is the greatest flattery

But in this case is it for the best? Or the worse? 

‘My Father’ based on Those Winter Sundays by BY ROBERT HAYDEN

Each Sunday my father is up at the crack of dawn

Puts his casual clothes on to work on his projects

Then with his back that ached

From all the hard work and the cold winter air

He did it even though no one noticed to thank him

When I awakened to hear the cold knocking at my window

I rather be in my warm room

However he calls as I slowly get up to get dressed

The everlasting anger in the house ensued 

We spoke to him as if it didn’t matter much

Even though it is cold which is hard to get used to

Like my shoes which were cleaned and new 

But I didn’t know how cold and lonely it would be not from the weather

I didn’t know I’m sorry, I didn’t know I’m sorry 

‘A through Z’ based on Abecedarian Requiring Further Examination of Anglikan Seraphym Subjugation of a Wild Indian Rezervation BY NATALIE DIAZ

All friendships are

Based on how much others

Can be there for you

Don’t ever think that 

Even if you treat others the best

Figuring out whether someone will be there for you is a

Good life lesson to adapt to it will also let you learn 

How to handle situations 

Instead of dealing with it alone

Just go for the help of others its the

Kind of thing that 

Lets you handle less 

Messy situations by yourself

Not just because of you going 

Off alone to handle the world 

Putting off others isn’t something 

Qualified for that of friends 

Rushing away from those who care for you

Shouldn’t be 

Taught to the younger generation

Up until you handle situations with others

Versus alone there will be 

Wonderful things to tell your parents

X-isting without your friends would be

Your worst nightmare like getting run over by a 

Zebra on a random day


Left, Right, Left, Right each foot goes forward

Right, Left, Right, Left to start the journey for you

Left, Right, Left, Right to your destination you go

Left, Right, Left, Right at the steady beat that you know

Right, Left, Right, Left the gum you step on causes you to think ‘what the-‘

Left, Right, Left, Right  looking around so you know the way

Left, Right, Left, Right like a metronome for band class

Right, Left, Right, Left are you sure you know where you are going?

Left, Right, Left, Right as the sun starts to set you quicken the pace

Right, Left, Right, Left the street lights start to turn on faster

Left, Right, Left, Right you feel someone looming over you from behind

Left, Right, Left, Right a second set of steps can be heard

Right, Left, Right, Left as your pace quickens theirs do so 

Left, Right, Left, Right you go faster and faster before you start to run

Left, Right, Left, Right you are suddenly stopped from behind 

Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop to  wonder when your last steps will be before you start your walk