Mac: Your not gonna believe what happened

Nik: what happened bro?

mac: I was driving the drop top yesterday with my mom, and as im crossing the green light two guys in one of those motor bikes come out full speed and hit me in the front

Nik: wtf bro, what they said?

mac: bro I’m about to get out the car pissed as hell thinking they where drunk or something but they run off before that and leave their scooter and everthing

Nik: wow, did you call the cops or something?

Mac: yeah we called the cops, but apparently that wasn’t even their scooter, they stole that and that’s the reason they ran when they hit my car.

Nik: so the cops cant do anything?

Mac: nah they said they cant find them since obviously the scooter isn’t in their name or anything

Nik: did the care get beat up too much?

Mac: yeah bro the whole front left side is dented big, and now i gotta pay for it myself and everything, the shop said its gonna cost alot to fix.

Nik: damn and you just got the car like 2 montsh ago, thats tough bro

Mac: im really mad abou this bro, if you cant trust anybody out here bro they got crazy mf ready to ruin your day for no reason