In the beginning of my assignments, I was very afraid to put my feet into the water. When I was in high school, I felt like a robot writing my college supplement. Almost all my writing assignments sound like I’m just following rules instead of free writing. I then realized I could definitely expand my horizons. I started to take my time and read through each announcement and samples. A lot of my peers are great writers. I started to read their work in my free time and got inspiration. I think that’s how people learn best from others. I don’t have the same knowledge and experience as the next person. My favorite assignment was the memoirs. I was going through a self-love change and one of the assignments was “What’s one thing that changed you?” It was my perfect opportunity to speak my mind and get personal within myself to be able to write exactly how I felt. That’s when I was able to do 4 assignments at a time because I enjoyed what I was doing. I wasn’t a fan of poetry because I couldn’t comprehend the poems but the writing assignment we got to try and match our writing to the authors and the prompts really helped me shape myself. I was able to like poetry.