Fila: the most i spent on books was 10 dollars for this semester

DeeDee: Lucky ima have to spend 55 or 60 on a book for my psychology class

DeeDee: In all I have to spend over 100 for 3 books 

Fila: bruh they really be bugging out with these textbook prices

DeeDee: Facts and that’s on Amazon well except the psychology one that’s it’s ode money on amazon

Fila: your school doesn’t do open lab ?

DeeDee: No

Fila: bruh i hope this semester is a breeze 

Fila: what’s your schedule ?

DeeDee: Same honestly 

DeeDee: I have an oral exam for Chinese and an oral presentation in November 

Fila: oh shit fr ?

Fila: both orals are for your chinese class ?

DeeDee: Yeah. So they know u know how to say the words btw in class today everyone had to talk and says the things we learned

Fila: omg i hate when the professors do that, what did you say ?

DeeDee: Dá jái háo 

Wô jíao DeeDee

Xíe xíe dá jiá