Dear Student,

I hope that you’re taking this class as an elective, but if you aren’t, if it’s mandatory please take a moment to breathe. This a creative writing class! Take joy from it! I took this class as an elective as a senior. It’s my last year and I prolonged taking this class because I was fearful of my own writing skills. I’ve always been a creative writer, but I’m my own worse critic and I couldn’t stand my own writing. During this class, I found healing in my own past with stories even if the characters and scenarios changed a bit, but the sentiment was there. I learned how to love my own creativity and lastly, I came out victorious on the other side of this because I learned how to write fiction and have fun with it. I even conquered my disdain for reading and writing poetry and created awesome pieces. What am I trying to say? Enjoy this class because in college everything is so serious that this is a place to let go and have fun through your own self-expression. Have fun!

Many Regards,

Former Student