Poem 1

I feel like an old doll,

I’m viewed as fragile,


and unvalued,

Some people pick me,

touch me,

break me,

and neglect me.

I feel like I’m stuck behind this white porcelain doll

a doll that’s unavailable of speaking


and loving.

I’m fragile and easy to crack

My body parts are missing,

yet I’m half complete,

and I’m to continue

until I feel alive again.

Poem 2

I’m the child that hasn’t healed from the past

who’s scared of the unknown,

I have this feeling in my heart that

every day it’s raining,

and it drains me.

I have this unhealed heart

full of a black ocean.

My heart is filled with pure anger

and it feels like a rock,

Will this feeling ever change?

I’m the child

who’s never going to grow up.

Poem 3

I’m the person that

makes bad decisions,

bad decisions that take me to a specific path

A path that I still don’t know where it is

I try my best to make the correct decisions,

decisions that again,

I think it might be the best or the worst.

Yet, I try to enjoy my life

even if the worst is happening to me.

In my mind, I think that life is meaningless,

because I have no purpose,

Even when I don’t have a purpose

or I think that my life is meaningless

I force myself

I force myself to experience

the things that “life” offers me,

and to try to enjoy those little moments.

Poem 4

I’ve been here for 19 years,

I feel like I’ve been here for so long

I think I know everything

Yet, when I get older I realize that I don’t.

For me life is bittersweet,

From what I’ve experienced

I got bad and good experiences.

Yet that made me the person that

I am today.