New Year and there you are
you looked at me, like no one did before
Did we just find each other?
smiling like a kid, with his new toy.
Hits after hits and there you are
you looked at me, and I walked away
I gave you all my love, but I was still
hiding my heart.
I let things happen , you are not here now.
I won’t let things happen without you.
Our love did not last but it lasted what it had to.
My love for you is infinite, in the past.

Me and myself

Life is beautiful just like you
life is colorful just like the spring.
life, life it is you.
What a tiny great person you are
Your heart brights like a diamond
Your mind shows inspiration
Your face shows happiness
What a moment you chose to live
go far as you can,
I will be next to you all the time.


Art is on everything we touch
everything we touch disappears.
The way is not straight as the heaven
everything happens on your mind
Time heals you, like you heal others.
looking back won’t let you walk tomorrow.
everything happens around you
blue is not like pink
you, you are you, like you nobody.

Now and later
Open your eyes like roses open their petals
wake up like the sun, big and shiny
cry now so time can reminds you later
walk, tomorrow is waiting for you.
enjoy your life, don’t let life enjoy you.