Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Liam Escamilla, Final Reflection

Writing is a memory disk, where you decide what paper is going to store your feelings, thoughts, and imagination. This is what I learned after weeks of taking this course. I have to say, writing overall is one serious therapy session. Despite this semester being tough and as my second-half year of college coming closer to an end, I am beyond grateful for taking this class. I got to experience my flaws in writing, true feelings, and memories being activated. This is what makes a writer, in my opinion, you receive feedback from your wonderful peers and fix them. Never have I thought about writing being boring, but it wasn’t my interest until now. I realized how important writing can be. 

Ever since the first assignment, I learned that I need to loose myself. Let the drive and emotion go out of my mind into the paper I’m working on. Letting my thoughts go made my writing better. However, revisions and proofreading built the core of my writing the most. I can tell you how many errors I found in certain assignments, but I always manage to fix them. That’s what matters. Once I start writing, I want to continue where I might end up writing over four to five pages. I got to that point of realization when I started writing my second short story. In my mind, there was so much imagination going on in that piece where I just felt like I might as well write it into a book, but this is where I got to feel my weaknesses. 

The fear of boring the reader, one of my weaknesses in writing. Let me tell you, during writing the second short story, oh man, I thought to myself, is this part good? No, wait, maybe this part ca- uhh, nope – never mind … Lost in my own work. I felt like a true author, an artist, where I’m picky on my writing. I wanted something similar close to the dystopian novels that I was introduced to in my freshman year of college. I fell in love with them. In fact, that class from last year is one of the reasons why I chose this course. Overall, I want my writing to make the reader understand what they’re reading, but for the least, that’s how I know that I am putting effort and writing something better than ever. 

The process of growing is to learn and accept. This can relate to my writing because next semester and in the future, I am going to make sure that my flaws in writing become skills. Today, I believe that my writing from the beginning of the semester has gotten better. Do I plan on writing more? Yes, of course. I won’t let the fear, as mentioned earlier, distract me or stop me because at the end of the day, as a writer in this course, it’s my responsibility to make sure my paper is understandable. I will also make sure that I become more comfortable with whatever I share. Memoirs were the beginning of this course where I became comfortable. Like I said, writing is therapeutic. No one is going to judge you or stop you if they took the time of their day to read your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. It’s the beauty of writing. It’s been there in history, I am talking about philosophers, authors, and so on. 

Today, I continue to learn about myself as a writer. There is no end. If I had to choose one thing that I learned about writing is, it takes inspiration, life lessons, and creativity, to create a well-structured piece from you. I can use poems as an example. I knew my poems in this class weren’t going to be great, but I sure did take personal life experiences from my end to make a connection between me and the reader. Why? Because feelings and energy connect two people. Overall, writing is the true definition of “Down the memory lane”. 

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  1. Samantha

    What I about this reflection is about how it is used as a memory disk.
    The one thing you learned about yourself as a writer is to lose yourself in writing.
    I don’t see how you grew as a reader
    In college and/or your community, saying that it takes inspirations, life lessons and creativity to write is good. I relate to that too.

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