writing was never a something that I personally liked doing, especially in high school. in high school all i ever wrote was long 4-5 page assays about a book that we finished reading in class and personally I hated doing that. i never liked being forced to write a long essay response about a book that I didn’t even have any interest in reading. so because of that fact, writing has never been my strong suit,

now si only took this class because it was a requirement but from what I’ve been told from my other college friends, this class is actually pretty enjoyable. so went in with a good mindset and hoping that the class would be something that i enjoy even if i wouldn’t really continue to write as much afterwards. i definitely liked the creative freedom that we were given for each assignment and I’ve been able to write about things that I wouldn’t even think of writing. this class has given me a glimpse of the what creative writing si truly about and it was a fun 4 months.