Aaliyah: Yoo I just came out of school.

Josh: Um, did you tell your counselor about the programs that we spoked about yesterday?

Aaliyah: Omg yes I did josh (Rolls eyes) and she said to come tomorrow because she was busy today.

Josh: Hmm, yeah right. You coming home though?

Aaliyah: No. I’m going to meet my friends right now.

Josh: Uh what? Mom said to come home.

(10 minutes later with no response)

Josh: Wya? mom is worried about you.

Aaliyah: I told you I was going to see my friends. I’m at the park with her.

Josh: Bruh, mom is going to get mad but okay whatever.

Aaliyah: Tell her I’ll be home by 6pm, geez.

Josh: Lol okay, be safe.