Setting: Myles finally makes it to the restaurant and gets settled and they order.

Scene One

Nyasia: I feel like I ordered to much food. what if I can’t finish it all?

Myles : Hun is not the deep you can take the it home and eat as a snack late night.

Nyasia: I don’t snack late night.

Myles : You lie.

Myles : Anyways,

Nyasia: Anyways

Myles : I know you said you didn’t wanna do presents this time butttttt,

Nyasia: BUT WHAT

Myles : First of all chill, no need to get sassy

Myles : But I got you something. Nothing crazy.

Nyasia: Babe why why do you do this to me.

Myles : Just close your eyes and stick your hand out

(Myles places gift in her hand.)

Myles : Now open

(Nyasia opens the box and sees a pandora charm bracelet. She smiles and tears up a bit.)

Myles : I love you and I just wanted to get you something that represents you and us in hopes when you look at it you think of the good memory we have had.

Myles : and this sweater since you always wanna complain how you don’t have one of my sweaters. I sprayed my cologne on it. So it smells like me when you wear it.

Nyasia: I hate you.

Myles : No you don’t

Nyasia: Baby your making my ugly cry come out.

Myles : technical all your cry are ugly.

Nyasia: you ass. I love you .

Scene Two

Setting: Myles and Nyasia take a walk in central park after dinner.

Nyasia: you remember this way

Myles : Of corse I remember is where we walked after our first date.

Nyasia: So you do pay attetion

Myles : Shut up

(Nyasia starts to climb rocks)

Myles : Bae you know I’m not that coordinated to be climbing up these rocks.

Nyasia: You are so dramatic

Myles : But is true. My ankles have a mind of there own.

(Finally make to the top and they sit down looking at the stares)

Myles : This is nice. But I’m cold.


Myles : WTF was that

Nyasia: Maybe a rat

Myles : A WHAT. You not just gonna skip over that so calmly.

Nyasia: Calm down you’ll be fine.

Myles : Its dark and there are rats I can’t even see and you want me to calm down. Fine.

(rat gets to close to use)


Nyasia: Yea You right let’s get off this rock.

Myles : Did you just say I’m right. Say it again I like the sound of that.

Nyasia: Your so annoying. (as she smiles)

Myles : I may be annoying but you fell In love with annoying.