TT: Hey babe, how are you?

Faria: I am well, thanks for asking love

TT: What are you doing now? I miss you

Faria: I am at home, with family, what are you doing now?

TT: I am actually in front of your door steps

Faria: WTF*

TT: Please open the door, I brought you food

Faria: Fine, I am coming

TT: Thank you love, Ummmaahhhh

Faria: Of course

Faria: What made you come here, why didn’t you tell me before, so I can prepare myself, I didn’t know you were gonna come

TT: I wanted to surprise you baby girl

Faria: Well, this was a good surprise, I love it

Faria: Thanks for bring my favorite food baby, I love Chinese food

TT: I know babe, I always know what you like

TT: I cant stay for too long, I just came to see you and give you food

Faria: Why cant you stay?

TT: I have to go to work babe, remember it’s 2pm.

Faria: Oh right, my bad, I forgot

TT: Yeah, see you next time, babe, I will miss you

Faria: I will miss you too.