Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Liam Escamilla, Dialougue 2.

Jeff: (Sends picture of the TV screen)

Jeff: (Sends another picture TV screen)

(Jonah replies 10 minutes after)

Jonah: OMG I thought the fight starts at 12, what the hell?!

Jeff: Brooo Teofimo got dropped first round, hurry come home!!

Jonah: Omg – omg, I- I – I’m coming home as fast as possible!!

Jeff: Dude it’s already round 4, better hurry your a** up boyy !!

Jonah: Chill please you are about to make me run home after a long day from work.

Jeff: Round 5 now. Better RUN!

Jonah: Omg f*** it!! I wish I didn’t take this shift (rolls eyes)

(Jonah runs home as fast as possible and makes it late to the main event fight)

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    This conversation is relatable between me and my brother when is come to football. Why didn’t he run from the beginning ?

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