“I’m faster than you.” Liam said to Anna “No you’re not she relied. “Liam stop lying bro I’m faster then everyone here.” Max uttered. “I mean we have nothing else to do lets rase guys or we can play tag in the forest.” Janet suggested. “My mom told us we can’t back there” Anna replied with a firm voice. “What’s wrong Anna you scared Max teased. “No” said Anna “I just don’t want anyone to get hurt or lost.”  “We’ll be fine your big baby I’m it I’ll give you babies a 10 second head start Go”. Janet said as she turned away and shouted.  

Liam, Anna, and Max all ran in the same direction straight past so any trees they kept running until they were greeted by a building. It was defiantly abandoned. There were vines coming out the window overgrown shrubs climbing up the side of the building there was a bit of broken glass on the floor. All three stood there looking around and glancing at each other. Eventually Janet caught up with them. “Wow we are definitely going in.” She grabbed Ann and rushed through the doors.

Of course, Anna didn’t want to go you can see the look on her scared pale face. As she turned to the boys who were behind them, she said “guys we should not even be in the forest let alone this abandoned building.” “Quit being babies guys purchase go in find out what he used to be see if anyone’s in there and then we’ll get out since you guys are so afraid.” Janet replied as she ran down the hall screaming remove the cloth from the windows to let in some light guys. Liam and Max did as Janet told them when they were done, they all stood in the lobby of the building. Janet ran into rooms noticing that there were rusty bedpans and broken-down hospital beds. “Guys this was a hospital or maybe a doctor’s office.” “Liam screamed back J I think it’s time to go.”

Suddenly a loud thump was coming from the second floor. Janet was right at the stairs when this loud scary noise started coming directly to her. “I’m not scared of you.” She yelled her friends had only heard a loud thump and was calling out for her to see if she was OK, she ignored those sounds and slowly approached into the hallway of the second floor. She heard a door creak open and then bam a bookshelf was pushed down. In fair Janet grand down the stairs through the hall past her friends and out the front door.

Looking at you like why her friends watch as she ran down the hall, they saw a raccoon running down the steps. All three friends laugh to Janet as they walked out of the abandoned hospital, they were making jokes on Janet. By the time they got back to house Janet was sitting on the steps. “Not so tough now Janet are you” Max said Anna and Liam laughed. Janet looked up and smirked. “at least I went in all the way unlike you big headed babies.”

They were still waiting for Anna’s mom to come back. But all Anna Liam and Max were doing we’re making jokes on Janet. Janet was red in the face, and you can tell she was very aggravated by these comments because out of everyone she was the bravest So what she got scared the one time. Anna’s mom pulled in the driveway I had a little sleep and brought the kids inside for a snack Janet then pause Anna’s mom to the side and explains everything that happened. “They forced me to go into the abandoned hospital and they said if I didn’t do it that they were going to tell everyone in the school that I was a wimp, I didn’t want to do it but they made me they made me is what she told Anna’s mom. As the tears ran down her face Anna’s mom called up, I’m supposed to be doing the other kids moms and told them what had happened. Anna Liam and Max couldn’t even get their side out because of how angry their parents were. As they all were leaving in trouble Janet said under her breath. “don’t ever call me a wimp scary cat or a baby ever again this should be the first and last time.”