On June 22, 2006 my first niece Blanca Edith was born. I remember this day like it was just yesterday. It was a usual Thursday day for me because I used to have gym class on this day. Before leaving home to school I remember asking my sister how she was feeling? and she said good. I told her to wait for me so I could be present when my niece was born.

At 2pm I was ready to leave school to go back to my house. I even told my whole class that my niece was going to be born on this day. I was running on my way back to my house because my school was like 12mins away. To my surprise my sister was in labor when I was getting home. She is so strong because she decided to give birth at home instead of going to a hospital. I remember her screaming, I could not get into the room but I saw how my aunt Rafaela went to the kitchen for two eggs and made my sister drink it. She said that was going to make my sister disgusted and push harder. My mom and aunts helped and taught my sister how to have better labor. My family has their own traditions and way to do things.

At 2:45pm my little niece was born already. I was the happiest aunt ever. I could hear a baby crying, after one hour I got into the room to meet my beautiful niece. I could not stop looking at her while I was holding her in my arms. Now I am an aunt of 13 kids. I love all of them but nothing like the first time feeling.

In 2010, my sister left my niece with my mom to take care of her in Mexico because she was going to come to the United States to work and give Blanca a better future. Two years later my mom passed away and I had to take care of my little niece. I was her mom for One year and a half. I used to cook for us, do laundry and she could help me to collect the clothes when they got dry. I think this makes us more connected to each other.

In 2014, she came to the United States to live with her mom. A year after I decided to come to the United States because I was missing my niece and sister. Also because I was by myself in Mexico. Now, we are all living in NYC. I am happy if I have my family around me.